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Patisserie de Paris is a genuine patisserie and boulangerie - pastry shop and bakery - based in Johannesburg, utilising traditional French baking techniques and chic continental style, all produced by a French-trained pastry chef and baker.

You'll find our bakery, patisserie and coffee shop at 9 Mackay Avenue Blairgowrie open every day of the week from 06h30. We also trade at the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market (every Thursday and Saturday 09h00 - 15h00). We are also happy to cater privately or bake special order celebratory cakes for collection at the Blairgowrie bakery or the Bryanston Market.

And, a bonus! We also speak French.

Our product range is divided into 4 sections:

Artisan Breads

Our Recipe for Artisan Crafted Breads?

We use only the best ingredients available for all our breads and always opt for sustainable, organic or natural ingredients.

We specialise in sourdough bread, made the way it was 6000 years ago - using only 3 basic ingredients to raise the crusty baker's loaf - flour, salt and water. We believe in long fermentation times to extract complex, delicious flavours.

Our bread is sold on the day it was made so that it reaches the customer at its absolute best.

We nurture and pay attention to our home-grown wild starters, found in the air and on the grain, which act as a natural yeast or levain to raise our craft breads.

Our baguettes parisienne are produced according to the strict French rules of manufacture and use four ingredients - flour, water, salt and fresh yeast.

All our flours are unbleached, stoneground and cold-milled by Eureka Mills in the Overberg region of the Cape. Our salt is sourced from the Kalahari Desert (Oryx) and our water is twice filtered. No preservatives, no additives or any chemicals. No enzymes or improvers or anything artificial for that matter.

At Patisserie de Paris, we follow the traditional rules of bread making - slow mixing, long fermentation, expert hand shaping and perfectly timed baking.

We serve our neighbours. You'll find our artisan bread on restaurant and dinner tables around Johannesburg. Other food stalls at the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market use our bread. Organic Emporium sells our products. We are a trusted part of the families who enjoy our breads every day.

To view our range of artisan breads, click HERE


We provide a full range of French pastries (viennoiseries), baked the day we sell them. These flaky, buttery pastries are available first thing in the morning at the bakery, while stocks last! Again, we only use unbleached pastry flour, free-range organic eggs and milk, cream and butter sourced from a free roaming dairy herd. No steroids, no growth hormones. No stimulants.

At Patisserie de Paris, we do everything by hand, in the old style, which takes time, patience, and a nearly obsessive attention to detail. But what can we say, that's just who we are.

Crisp, flaky and melt-in-the mouth textures and flavours. All the French favourites - from buttery Parisian croissants to puffed apple turnovers. Eclairs to profiteroles. Pains au chocolat to fruit-filled Danish pastry delights. We also cater for office breakfast meetings, light luncheons and cocktail parties.

To view our range of pastries, click HERE


At Patisserie de Paris, we have a real passion for fresh baked treats, especially traditional flavour cakes and cupcakes. We start by using the finest ingredients like Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolate, Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar, creamery butter and fresh free-range organic eggs. Then we hand-make our cakes and factory lines or mass production. We do this because we know you appreciate the difference.
We bake moist, seriously addictive cakes topped with creamy frostings that will melt in your mouth. Baked New York Cheese Cakes, Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese icing, Red Velvet Cakes, Sacher Torte...or our cinammon rolls and handmade biscuits will leave you wishing for another bite - the list is endless.

To view our range of cakes, click HERE


We provide a large range of baked biscuits and sweet treats. Among the most popular are our huge Choc Chip Cookies and our Decadent Chocolate Brownies - crispy on the outside, soft and gooey inside, packed with Belgian chocolate. Or how about our oversized Chocolate and Vanilla meringues? Otherwise, look out for our range which includes home-made secret recipe Montelimar nougat, chocolate truffles, marshmallows and macarons. Our traditional French items include madeleines, financiers, sugared fruit jellies, waffles and chocolate tuiles. Or any other French inspired delights that you may desire.

To view our range of confectionery, click HERE
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